Life is a Game

Have you struggled to navigate loans and investments or decide what insurance policies are worthwhile? Do you want to understand personal finance vs. business finance? If you answered yes to any of these, you don’t want to miss this week’s episode with guest Dr. Vitto Mena Jr., an Optometrist, Licensed Financial Consultant, and Sports Vision Director.

He shares with Roya and Jimmy how financial advisors can change your world by minimizing debt and making you more money. Learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your future.

Life is a game; we all need a game plan to succeed.

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Dr Vitto Mena: LinkedIn

Dr Vitto Mena: Optical Academy

Scleral Lens Education Society: Upcoming Events

Student Loan Planner

Dr Gary Gerber

Dr Kimberly Friedman

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GA + MGD meet FDA

Do you struggle when training eye care professionals in your office? Need to know where to turn for help? Join this week’s hosts, Jimmy and Roya, as they share tips on training their staff and the programs and training modules available. 

Hear about the recent FDA approval of Syfovre, the first treatment for geographic atrophy, a leading cause of blindness worldwide. In addition, they discuss the new and different treatment options for MGD. 

Have an idea for a topic you would like to hear more about, or would you like to nominate or be a guest on Try Not 2 Blink? We want to hear from you! Click here to send in a suggestion, or email us at [email protected]


HOYA Training Program

Paraoptometric Certification

Syfovre is AMGDpproved

Pipeline Treatment for GA

TP-03 for Tarsus


AZR-MD-001 for MGD

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What is ICL?

Do you want to know what is new with Lasik and ICLs, but don’t have the time to read a collection of articles? 

Join Roya and Jimmy this week as they discuss the evolution of Lasik and ICLs, with guests Matthew Sharpe, MD, the lead surgeon and founder of SharpeVision Modern LASIK, and Natasha Balani, OD SharpeVision’s Head of Optometry. Hear about the new EVO ICL lens and learn how it differs, the benefits, and possible side effects. 

Keep up with the current events and get your weekly news in an hour each week on Try Not 2 Blink. 


Dr. Natasha Balani: LinkedIn

Dr. Natasha Balani: SharpeVision

Dr. Matthew Sharpe: SharpeVision

Dr. Roger Zaldivar


EVO Visian ICL lens (EVO ICL) Vision Correction For Visual Freedom

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Opto(metrist) Prep

Optometry students, are you ready for boards? Have you heard about the new changes to the NBEO® exams? This week on TN2B OptoPrep’s Program Manager, Katie Jack, shares how OptoPrep got started and what makes their system unique, efficient, and convenient to study smarter and not harder. Learn what to expect, how to get started, and what new changes are coming to the exams.   


Ezricare Warning



Upcoming Boards Changes

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Renaissance of the Scleral Lens

We have a special episode this week as Valley Contax’s operations director Rob Ahern provides an inside look at the manufacturing process. Understand what it takes to manufacture a scleral lens and how the product and process have changed over the years. Discover what new technology is coming and how Valley Contax constantly improves its processes to ensure they deliver the highest quality contact lens.  


Rob Ahern: LinkedIn
Rob Ahern: Valley Contax
Valley Contax
Gaudi Lens
OVITZ xwave

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We’ll Get Through This

Learn about the recent FDA approval of Lyuzeh, the first and only clinically proven formulation of latanoprost in the US that is preservative-free, according to Théa Pharmaceuticals. Meet Tessa, Valley Contax’s professional services manager, and hear what brought her to Oregon, why she joined the team, and what sets Valley apart. 




Valley Contax

Valley Contax Vision Project

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Tea Party

Join Jimmy and Roya’s team party as they discuss the challenges of being a private practice owner’s and the issues they face in the United States vs. Costa Rica. They introduce a new innovative product by TearRestore, the NeutraWipe, with a special introductory offer for TN2B listeners. They wrap up the episode with one final question: to do or not to do Lasik surgery? 


Ojos Del Mar

Get your TearRestore NeutraWipe Sample


AOA’s President

NBEO Price Hike

LASIK To Do or Not To Do

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Fenestration is the new “BLACK”

Jimmy and Roya talk with the super talented Dr. Sheila Morrison about her career, her experience with fenestrated scleral lenses, their benefits, fitting techniques and more…


Washington State COVID Vaccine Requirements


Lumenis IPL vs OptiLight

Dr Sheila Morrison: Mission Eye Care

Scleral Lens Education Society

Don Ezekial Fenestration

A Hole New Way to Design Lenses


Back to the Origins



Based on another recommendation from the awesome CharliRae at Valley Contax, Jimmy and Roya talk with Andrew S. Bruce, LDO, ABOM, NCLE-AC, FNAO about his career path, what it takes to become a Licensed Master Optician, his love for Rosie his pet pig and more…


Lum ithera

Eye Injuries in Sports

Andrew Bruce Linkedin

ASB Opticianry Education Services

Opticians Association of America


ABO Certification

NCLE CTL Examination

Try to Connect

Jimmy and Roya speak with Dr. Courtney Melchione this week on Try Not 2 Blink. Dr. Melchione is the amazing Optometrist that patient Marko Coady spoke of during the last episode of 2022. We had to go full circle to speak with the Doctor about how she makes such a difference in her patients’ lives. Listen to her journey through optometry school, two years in Guatemala at a non-profit clinic, to residency, and now in private practice.  


Specialty Eye Care

Dr Courtney Melchione

VA Scope Expansion



Justin Kwan OD

Valley Contax Vision Project

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