A Man of Many Hats Plays This Versus That

On the latest episode of Try Not 2 Blink, hosts Roya and Sheila delve into the topic of artificial tears and their efficacy. They share their recommended drops and explain the reasoning behind their choices, as well as present a study that sheds light on the subject.

Later in the episode, Roya and Sheila have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. David Kading, a renowned figure in the field of optometry and a top 50 eye influencer of all time. Dr. Kading shares his career journey, highlighting key moments that have propelled him to success. Listeners can expect to gain insights from Dr. Kading’s experiences and words of wisdom as he discusses various aspects of optometry in a pro-con game with the hosts.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where Roya and Sheila will share their insights on neuro adaptation requirements and debunk common eye care myths.

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