The Secret To Myopia Control

On today’s episode of TN2B Roya and Sheila reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing use of punctal plugs. During the discussion, Sheila introduced a new tapered plug called the SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180-T from OASIS, highlighting its options, benefits, and potential relief for patients.

In addition, the hosts welcomed Dr. Leah Johnson, a respected expert on myopia, as a returning guest on the show. Dr. Johnson discussed the changes in myopia since her last appearance, provided insights on communicating with parents about myopia, and shared her top three tips for fitting orthokeratology lenses. She also shared a touching story about a patient who inspired her to establish her own private practice.

On the next episode of TN2B, the hosts will feature Dr. David Kading, recognized as one of the top 50 eye influencers of all time. Listeners can look forward to hearing Dr. Kading’s words of wisdom and the experiences that have shaped his career.

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