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Debunking Eye Myths

Welcome to Try Not 2 Blink, this week’s show featuring Roya and Sheila. In this episode, they will discuss the neuro adaptation requirements for success with multifocal optics and why it is crucial to prepare patients for the process of their brain learning to adjust and utilize the new lenses.

Roya emphasizes the importance of not reacting strongly to patients’ feedback but instead building confidence in the patient to ensure a successful lens fit.

In addition, Sheila and Roya will debunk common eye care myths. Have you ever heard the myths that all babies are born with blue eyes or that sneezing with your eyes open can make them pop out? Join them as they discuss these myths and more.

Tune in next week for another engaging and lighthearted episode with Roya and Sheila on Try Not 2 Blink.

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A Man of Many Hats Plays This Versus That

On the latest episode of Try Not 2 Blink, hosts Roya and Sheila delve into the topic of artificial tears and their efficacy. They share their recommended drops and explain the reasoning behind their choices, as well as present a study that sheds light on the subject.

Later in the episode, Roya and Sheila have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. David Kading, a renowned figure in the field of optometry and a top 50 eye influencer of all time. Dr. Kading shares his career journey, highlighting key moments that have propelled him to success. Listeners can expect to gain insights from Dr. Kading’s experiences and words of wisdom as he discusses various aspects of optometry in a pro-con game with the hosts.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where Roya and Sheila will share their insights on neuro adaptation requirements and debunk common eye care myths.

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Glance by Eyes on Eyecare

Artificial Tears + Dry Eye Disease?

Dr. Dave Kading: LinkedIn

Dr. Dave Kading: Specialty Eye Institute

Dr. Dave Kading: Instagram

4 Hour Workweek

The Myopia Podcast

Optometric Insights Podcast

Start with Why

The Myopia Website

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The Secret To Myopia Control

On today’s episode of TN2B Roya and Sheila reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing use of punctal plugs. During the discussion, Sheila introduced a new tapered plug called the SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180-T from OASIS, highlighting its options, benefits, and potential relief for patients.

In addition, the hosts welcomed Dr. Leah Johnson, a respected expert on myopia, as a returning guest on the show. Dr. Johnson discussed the changes in myopia since her last appearance, provided insights on communicating with parents about myopia, and shared her top three tips for fitting orthokeratology lenses. She also shared a touching story about a patient who inspired her to establish her own private practice.

On the next episode of TN2B, the hosts will feature Dr. David Kading, recognized as one of the top 50 eye influencers of all time. Listeners can look forward to hearing Dr. Kading’s words of wisdom and the experiences that have shaped his career.

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Upper vs. Lower Puncta

New Punctal Plug

Dr. Leah Johnson: Innovative Eye

CooperVision Specialty Eye

The Myopia Collective

Myopia Collective Pledge

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Starting Is The Hardest Part

Join us today on Try Not 2 Blink as Roya and Sheila discuss effectively communicating with and de-escalating situations with angry patients. Roya shares her experience of trying to diffuse a situation with an upset patient in her office.

Do you encounter frustrated patients dealing with the effects of dilation? Learn about the new dilation reversal drop, RYZUMVI, which has a quick onset of action in just 30 minutes. Don’t miss the chance to discover more about this FDA-approved drop that can reverse dilation.

In addition, Dr. Ariel Cerenzie returns to the show to share insights on starting a concierge niche scleral lens practice. She provides valuable tips for future private practice owners, from utilizing virtual assistants to membership plans and collecting fees without taking insurance.

Tune in to Try Not 2 Blink for an engaging and informative discussion that will enlighten and inspire. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of optometry.

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Ryzumvi Launch via Glance


Dr. Ariel Cerenzie: Charlotte Contact Lens Institute

Dr. Ariel Cerenzie: LinkedIn

Pentacam AXL





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It’s Giving Undercover Teacher

Join hosts Roya and Sheila on this week’s episode of Try Not 2 Blink as they bring you the latest updates in the world of eyewear. You won’t want to miss out on these exciting advancements, from new technology hitting the market to innovative glasses frames incorporating hearing capabilities.

In addition to the eyewear update, the hosts will address the issue of gatekeeping the secrets of the workspace lens and offer valuable insights on lens removal techniques in Sheila’s SLPOD segment.

But that’s not all – this episode features a special guest, Dr. Vakishan Nadarajah, who was nominated during our casting call for guest recommendations. Dr. Nadarajah will share insights on life in academia, debate the necessity of a corneoscleral profiler in fitting scleral lenses, explore the potential impact of robots in our industry, and discuss effective communication strategies for reaching millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Join us for the next episode of Try Not 2 Blink, where we will discuss an innovative new eye drop that reverses the effects of dilation. In addition, we are excited to welcome back guest speaker Dr. Ariel Cerenzie, who will be sharing valuable insights on starting a private contact lens practice. Don’t miss out on this informative and engaging episode – tune in next week!

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Eyewear + Hearing-wear?

Untapped Potential of Occupational Lenses

Effects on income of providing near vision correction to workers

Dr. Nadarajah: Midwestern University

Dr. Nadarajah: LinkedIn

From Student to Professor



GPLI Webinar: DED from A to Z

Case Report: Modified PIggyback System to Treat Iridotomies and Myopia

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FAQ: How To Start a Dry Eye Center

We all know the 20/20/20 Rule but this week on Try Not 2 Blink Roya and Sheila share why they believe it may not be as beneficial as commonly thought. They discuss the unclear data surrounding the rule and provide insights into a different perspective on eye care.

In addition, tune in to learn about a revolutionary eye rinse called Rinsada, developed by a surgeon for optimal eye health. Discover the advantages of using Rinsada and why it has gained popularity in the market.

For those looking to establish a Dry Eye Clinic in their practice, Roya and Sheila provide valuable information on the FAQs and necessary equipment needed to start a successful clinic. Don’t miss out on this informative episode of Try Not 2 Blink.

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20/20/20 Debunk




Dry Eye Diagnostic System


Vital Tears

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A Major Retina Download

Join us for an exciting new episode on Try Not 2 Blink, where Roya and Sheila share about the world of research and innovation in eye transplantation. Thanks to a generous million-dollar donation to Bascon Palmer, The Moon Shot project has launched the Whole Eye Transplant Research Initiative, aiming to successfully transplant the eye – one of only four organs yet to be transplanted. Can you guess what the other three organs are? Tune in to find out and learn more about bionic eyes.

In this episode, our hosts sit down with esteemed guest Dr. Carolyn Major to discuss retina and OCT. Dr. Major discusses whether you should do Optomap vs dilation in your comprehensive exam, how to prepare for the next acute angle closure patient that walks into your exam room, and Pro tips for converting a Glaucoma suspect to the diagnosis of Glaucoma.

Be sure to join Roya and Sheila next week as they tackle Frequently Asked Questions regarding starting a dry eye center. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date in optometry.

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Whole Eye Transplant

Dr. Carolyn Majcher: LinkedIn

Dr. Carolyn Majcher: NSUOK

Dr. Carolyn Majcher: Email

Zeiss OCT Training Videos

SLT vs Drops for First Line Treatment 

Notal Foresee Device

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I’m So Glad You’re Here

Today on Try Not 2 Blink, hosts Roya and Sheila will debate optometry’s role in cross-linking. They will discuss how optometrists can identify this issue when to bring it up to their patients, and how to discuss potential treatment options and referrals in an informative but not alarming way.
Joining the discussion is Dr. Ashley Craven, an optometry expert who will share insights on Neurolens and how it can positively impact patients’ lives. Dr. Craven will also provide tips in a rapid-fire session on how she communicates complex topics to patients clearly and engagingly.
In addition, the hosts will explore creative marketing strategies, from discussing pricing for treatment options to subscription services for optometrists, offering practical advice on promoting services, and effectively reaching a wider audience.

Tune in to Try Not 2 Blink each week to stay informed and inspired in the ever-evolving world of optometry.

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Corneal Crosslinking Collaboration

Dr. Ashley Craven: LinkedIn

Dr. Ashley Craven: InVision

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You Must Be KIDing Me

In today’s episode of Try Not 2 Blink, we focus on the specialized field of pediatrics. We will discuss valuable tips and tricks for effectively working with children in a clinic setting, as well as the upcoming launch of the innovative eye drop MYDCOMBI designed to streamline the dilation process.

In addition, Sheila will provide insight into the differences in pediatric care between the United States and Canada. Then, our guest, esteemed pediatrician Dr. Carrah Bouma, will explore topics such as pediatricians’ daily management strategies, the collaborative role of optometrists in pediatric healthcare, and the importance of screening for child abuse and how to handle it if suspected.

Join us as we conclude the episode with a life tip on managing a pediatric practice’s demands.

We welcome suggestions for podcast topics and guest features you are passionate about. If there is a particular subject or individual that you would like to see highlighted on our show, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Be sure to return for next week’s episode, Dr. Ashley Craven joins Roya and Sheila to discuss Neurolens and creative marketing strategies. 

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Dr. Carrah Bouma: Calgary Doctor

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We Are In It Together

In this week’s episode of TN2B, hosts Roya and Sheila will highlight a recently approved medication for post-operative pain and inflammation following ocular surgery. Listen as they share how this is the first new steroid in over 15 years on the ophthalmic market and why it is more convenient than other options.

Roya will share some intriguing facts and her new recommendations for cataract surgery and share a SLPOD on why patients don’t know what they want. 

Sheila will challenge Roya to give her elevator pitch bio, leading to a discussion on improving public speaking skills based on insight Sheila gained from a recent public speaking focus group. This interactive session will include critiques and suggestions for enhancing each other’s introductions on the podium.

They wrap up the episode in conversation about the benefits of integrating Virtual Assistance solutions into your practice and hint at an upcoming episode dedicated to Virtual Assistance. 

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New Steroid for Post Op Pain and Inflammation

Cataract Surgery associated with lower risk of dementia

Hello Rache

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