Season 1

See The Light!

Jimmy and Roya talk with Dr. Kayla Karpuk about light adjustable IOLs, managing cataract surgery and same day cataract surgery for both eyes.


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Dr Kayla Karpuk


I Love My LASIK – Dr Karpuk

Light Adjustable IOL Details

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Thank You, Here’s Free CE

In this special episode Jimmy and Roya focus on dry eye disease and talk about practice patterns that will help you become a dry eye expert and exam room changes to guide you to best treat the true etiology.


  1. TFOS DEWS II Executive Summary
  2. TFOS DEWS II Definition and Classification Report
  4. Dry Eye Foundation
  5. Comparison of two questionnaires for dry eye symptom assessment
  6. A Review of Dry Eye Questionnaires: Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes and Health-Related Quality of Life
  7. Reliability and Validity of the Ocular Surface Disease Index
  8. Ocular surface disease index for the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome
  9. Assessment of vision-related quality of life in dry eye patients
  10. Patients’ perception of DED and its relation with time to diagnosis and quality of life: an international and multilingual survey
  11. Dry Eye Disease: Impact on Quality of Life and Vision
  12. Management and Therapy of Dry Eye Disease: Report of the Management and Therapy Subcommittee of the International Dry Eye Workshop
  17. Ocular Graft Versus Host Disease Following Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant: Review of Current Knowledge and Recommendations
  18. TFOS DEWS II Management and Therapy Report
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Dry Eye Zone

Jimmy and Roya talk with Rebecca Petris,  about her history dealing with dry eye, why she created The Dry Eye Zone and what should doctors consider when treating dry eye.


Mindfulness + Glaucoma Control

100 worst cities for dry eye 

Ziena Eyewear

Intrepid eye society TED Talks: Update on Thyroid Eye Disease

Scleral Lens Tutorial

Dry Eye Zone

Dry Eye Foundation

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Restoring All Tears

Jimmy and Roya talk with guests Scott Hauswirth and Ken DauSchmidt about Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, tear restore clinical trials, dry eye and maskne.



Struggle is real with MASKNE

9 Ways to prevent MASKNE

MADE Infographics

Mask + Dry Eye

Dr Scott Hauswirth

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


Tear Restore

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Eye Drop for MGD?

Contact (lenses) and Vote!

Jimmy and Roya talk about the importance of voting, the first FDA approved preservative-free allergy drop, and meet long time listener optometry tech, Nicholas Oudompradith.


PF Alaway


1800 Contacts Contact Lens Fitting

Tips for defending contact lens fees

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Jimmy and Roya talk with “EYEcon” Dr. Richard Castillo about his career path, how he started teaching Optometry and how he sees the eyecare landscape and community in 25 years from now…




Dr. Richard Castillo, OD, DO, NSUOK

Up Your Optical Game

Jimmy and Roya talk about current news, new meds, conversion rate and how to clean your Phoropter.


The Skimm

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Optitech Phoropter Cleaning Tips

The Wild Stallion

Jimmy and Roya talk with Dr. Mitch Ibach about his career path, his collaboration with Avedro, floppy eyelid syndrome and more…



American Academy of Optometry Virtual Meeting

How to Become a Fellow of Academy

Dr. Mitch Ibach

Dr. Tom Samuelson @ ME

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Why do patient’s rub?

Need to know about SLT

Nothing Dry About It

Jimmy and Roya talk about the end of Truetear, its alternative iTEAR100 and more.