To do or not to do: Residency

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Jessilin Quint and Dr. Gabriela Olivares about their experience with residency, should graduates do a residency, the pros and cons and more…



Drop for Presbyopia??

Jessilin Quint – Smart Eye Care

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Gabriela Olivares – The Eye Center

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ACOE Residency Programs

Recommend the Best

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Castellanos and Ken DauSchmidt about Eye Candy a unique practice pairing eyewear and gourmet sweets, Tear Restore, the first open-eye warm compress, its pending clinical trial and more…


Dr Giannie Castellanos – Infinite Vision Eyecare

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Eye Candy

Tear Restore

Pending TearRestore Clinical Trial

The Chiasm

Everything Dry Eye Conference

Pearls to Maximize Your External Rotation Experience

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Christina Wilmer about how externships have affected her career, the requirements of externships and tips on how to get the most out of that experience.


Dr Chris Wilmer – UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Externship Program

Must Know Neuro

Ocular Disease. The Future of Optometry?

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Justin Manning about his experience abroad, how ocular disease has changed, what he thinks about residency and more…


PF Alaway now available

Naloxone for ocular pain

Healthy eyes advantage

Justin Manning, OD, MPH, FAAO

Practice Advantage Podcast with Dr Manning

Courageously Practice Optometry

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Michael O’Neal about his career choices, his achievements and how he leads the Myopia Control Center at Dunes Eye Consultants.


Tea Tree Oil Kills Meibomian Glands?


Mike O’Neal – Dunes Eye


Brilliant Futures

MasterClass for Boards Prep

Jimmy and Roya talk to Erin Keim, Alexander Bennett and Ariel Cerenzie about how to prep for the Board, tips and tricks for board success and more…



Part III Update

Dr Erin Keim – University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital

KMK Optometry

KMK Optometry Pro

NBEO Part 3 Testing Center

Charlotte Agenda


Charlotte Tips: 

Beautiful Blind Eye

Jimmy and Roya talk with Dr. Kevin Kelley about his career as an ocularist, the evolution of ocular prosthetics, the process of receiving a prosthetic, and more…


Precision 1 for Astigmatism

Kevin Kelley – Kelley Associates

American Society of Ocularist

National Board of Ocularist Registry


Jimmy and Roya talk with Dr. John Gelles and Dr. Brayden Lundquist about their career path, Ovtiz Ares, bad patients, and more…


Dr John Gelles

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Dr Brayden Lundquist 

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Droopy, Itchy, Update.

Jimmy and Roya talk about Upneeq, a treatment for droopy eyelids, allergies, the COVID vaccine and more…



CE Certificate

MA New Glaucoma Bill

Aller Focus

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