Debunking Eye Myths

Welcome to Try Not 2 Blink, this week’s show featuring Roya and Sheila. In this episode, they will discuss the neuro adaptation requirements for success with multifocal optics and why it is crucial to prepare patients for the process of their brain learning to adjust and utilize the new lenses.

Roya emphasizes the importance of not reacting strongly to patients’ feedback but instead building confidence in the patient to ensure a successful lens fit.

In addition, Sheila and Roya will debunk common eye care myths. Have you ever heard the myths that all babies are born with blue eyes or that sneezing with your eyes open can make them pop out? Join them as they discuss these myths and more.

Tune in next week for another engaging and lighthearted episode with Roya and Sheila on Try Not 2 Blink.

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