In My GP Era

On today’s Try Not to Blink episode, Roya and Sheila will kick it off with the Cliffs/Coles Notes on corneal topographers. Sheila will provide valuable insight on scanning and essential things to remember when selecting a map. She will provide a comprehensive overview of the maps available; axial power, tangential, elevation maps, and what images they can collect.

Next, they will welcome renowned expert Patrick Caroline to the show as the final guest to close out their three-part series on corneal GP lenses. Patrick will share his journey in the contact lens industry, from his humble beginning to his current status as a legend in the field. They will discuss his pro tips on building your stand-out niche in the ophthalmology field with Pat, followed by a review of his pearls on fitting GP lenses. Pat will share his #1 step to fitting GP lenses, the required tools, and his most important parameter in fitting orthoK.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear from an absolute legend in the contact lens industry. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and insights on corneal GP lenses.

And be sure to come back next week as they welcome guest Dr. Amber G Dunn to the show to inspire you to get involved with your optometric communities and how to dip your toes into academia.

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