Overfilled With Lens Knowledge

Join Roya and Sheila on the latest episode of Try Not To Blink as they welcome a special guest, Dr. Jason Jedlicka, a renowned expert in scleral lenses. Before introducing Dr. Jedlicka, Sheila shares her thoughts on her latest spectacle lens brand experience, providing an honest review for listeners.

In this engaging episode, Dr. Jedlicka shares his expertise on scleral lenses, discussing the importance of attending industry events like the International Congress of Scleral Lenses (ICSC), and provides his insights on the latest solutions for filling and cleaning lenses. He also shares his clinical pearls on conditioning scleral lenses, providing valuable tips for listeners.

Sheila and Dr. Jedlicka also explore the importance of understanding solution changes in patient lens care and how to identify signs of solution problems. Additionally, they discuss the pros and cons of GP lenses, and Dr. Jedlicka shares his thoughts on how he would want to be treated if he had keratoconus.

The episode concludes with a friendly debate on the future of myopia management, offering listeners a unique perspective on the latest trends and developments in the field.

Be sure to join us next week for the exciting return of the GP Lens King, Dr. Edward Bennett. Dr. Bennett will share his extensive knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights and practical advice.

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