More Tools For The Toolbox

Jimmy and Roya pepper us with eye care potpourri, taking the backup glasses debate right into passive income options. Who might strike out with the virtual eye exam? Catch the inside corner on who’s making some big news and who’s got all the tools.


Warby Parker News Update

National Eye Exam Month

Gary Gerber Power Hour

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Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Glasses

HOYA Miyosmart Myopia Control Glasses


Lumenis Optilight

Get Yo Grind On

Jimmy and Roya meet up again with the cunning speedster Dr Audrey Raley.
She points the team toward the sound of money while avoiding the pitfall of Jimmy’s newest question. The optometry lifestyle steps up to the edge.


Dr Audrey Raley – Refined Eye Care

Episode 111 Creating Community with Dr Audrey Raley

Dr Audrey Raley – Instagram 

iCare Advisors

Dr Audrey Raley – iCare Advisors

Eyetrepreneur In Office Finishing Episode

Santinelli Lens Edging

Ovvo Glasses

Essilor Edging Machines

When You Don’t Wanna Go There

Jimmy and Roya speak with the captivating Dr Brooke Harkness and super knowledgeable Dr Derek Louie about the amazing advances in lens technology. No more fear in math and fitment when the resources are right at your fingertips.


Pupil = Intelligence Marker?

2020 Glance

Corneal Lens Designs

Dr Brooke Harkness – OHSU

Dr Derek Louie – OHSU

GPLI Fluorescein Pattern

GP Lens Tools and Resources

Try Not 2 Blink Instagram

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Surviving To Thriving

Jimmy and Roya pay it forward with advice from money guru,  Adam F. Cmejla. This episode is rich with investment strategy and runs over with tips to change your financial future. It’s time to thrive!


Heterochromia AAO

Heterochromia Fun Facts

Episode 43 Eye Owe with Adam 

2020 Money

Family Board Meeting Jim Sheils

HSA TD Ameritrade

Backbone Of The Lens

Jimmy and Roya get in the zone with Dr Samantha Rao. The limbal independence transfer zone, landing zone and other zones around the farm? There will be no toric chasing in this episode, only good clean fun with ketchup.


CLIP Program

Dr Samantha Rao

Dr Samantha Rao Email

Dr Samantha Rao: Instagram

Valley Contax Custom Stable

Advanced Fitting Guide

Limbal LITE


Do Vision Therapy With A Deck Of Cards

Jimmy and Roya have a great conversation with Dr Lisa Dok about the positive impact therapy provides for patients young and old. Roya checked her mail… and this amazing episode happened.


June = Cataract Awareness Month

Restoring Vision with Telescopes?

Dr Lisa Dok – Seattle Vision Center

VT Marketing Company

NORA Vision

COVD Quality of Life Checklist

Do Scleral Lenses Suck

Jimmy and Roya chat with Dr Josh Lotoczky about “Living on the Edge”, in depth scleral research, and yes the real question….  when to fill the tank??


Curing RP with Gene Therapy


2020 Glance

Dr Josh Lotoczky: Ferris State University

Dr Josh Lotoczky

Vision Research Institute

Scleral Lens Fitting Card

Livin on the Edge

Scleral Lens Tips for Success

OVITZ Ares Lens

Mid-Year Update

Jimmy and Roya chat on the industry changes from this past year. They stroll through key points of the FDA Approval for Lotemax: Eysuvis, FDA Approval for OrthoKeratology for Myopia Management, and Color Vision Testing. 


Optometry’s Meeting

Eysuvis use

FDA Approval for OthroK for Myopia Control

Myopia Management Treatment Guide

Dental and Optometric Care Access Act

DOC Act Facts

Contact Lens Prescription Verification Act

Color Vision Book

The Curious Eye

Color Dx

2020 Glance

Magic of the Lens

Jimmy and Roya set the stage for Dr Cory Collier to teach the magic of scleral lenses.
The team steps behind the curtain to learn more about profitability, meeting patient needs, and  just how amazing the scleral lens truly is. The solution is clear.


Valley Contax Education Consultant

Dr Cory Collier: Email

Dr Cory Collier: Artisan Eye

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Valley Contax Vision Project

Care Credit


Dry Eye Shop




Saline Sample Kit

Tangible Clean

Tangible Boost

AOA’s Got Your Back

Jimmy and Roya have a great conversation with Dr Bill Reynolds and Dr Bob Layman.
The team  gets to the heart of what the AOA provides and how their goal is to be your biggest resource. This episode is loaded with insight from two of the AOA’s top dogs, although one would consider himself more of a race horse.


American Optometric Association
Dr William Reynolds
Dr Robert Layman
Optometry’s Meeting June 2021 in Denver, CO
William Reynolds, OD – Email
Robert Layman, OD – Email
AOA President