Season 1

What Would You Do?

Jimmy and Roya give their thoughts on dealing with bad patient reviews and some unique patient situations. They also talk about amniotic membranes, rosacea and patient mental health.


Topical/Oral Azithromycin vs. Doxycycline Outcomes

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DREAM Study:

  • n−3 Fatty Acid Supplementation for the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease. N Engl J Med 2018; 378:1681-1690. Website:

Find a Therapist:

  • This tool allows you to find a therapist for patient based on insurance, therapist specialty and location.

Review Facts:

  • Physician Rating Websites: A Trend Worth Watching?: Insight MG. Website:
    Does Yelp Matter?
    How Yelping Doctors Is Improving Americans’ Health Care:

Nice To Meet You

In this episode our hosts, James Deom OD and Roya Habibi OD, introduce themselves, talk about their backgrounds and where they’ll be heading with this podcast series. You’ll also hear some funny anecdotes about bad breath and optometric naysayers.