Season 1

Scleral Lens Monarch's Part 2: Craig Norman

Roya and Jimmy are live at Academy 2018 interviewing scleral lens monarch Craig Norman.

Scleral Lens Monarch's Part 1: Pat Caroline

Roya and Jimmy are live at Academy 2018 interviewing scleral lens monarch Pat Caroline.

ER Eye Trauma

Roya and Jimmy deep dive into the world of ER Doc Rob Orman, to chat about how he handles patients with eye trauma.



Corneal abrasions:

Patching abrasion

Tetracaine for 24 hour: 

Yikes, I’m Getting Audited!

Today's Cannabis

Jimmy and Roya talk with cannabis grower Matt Wyatt, owner of Misty Bear Creek Farm, about the science and industry of marijuana.


Scary Patient Stories

Jimmy and Roya kickoff October with some scary patient stories. They also touch on overcoming scleral lens insertion and removal, the Keto Diet craze and Sun Parma’s recent FDA approval of Xelpros.


Vision Therapy with Dr. Joanna Carter

Joanna Carter pratices vision therapy in Medford, OR at Insight Vision Therapy. In this episode she joins Roya and Jimmy and shares how she got her start in vision therapy and what she has learned along the way.


InfantSEE with Stephanie Parrish, OD

Stephanie Parrish, OD joins the podcast to give her insight on infant eyecare. Dr. Parrish is a national award recipient for the Dr. W. David Sullins Jr. InfantSEE Award and has performed hundreds of eye exams for infants under one year of age. She shares some of her exam lane tips and how to reach and treat this important patient segment.

In industry news Jimmy and Roya discuss new 0.38% Loteprednol Gel, the advantages of physical activity when it comes to glaucoma and new myopia guidline tools.