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Heyedrate Lid & Lashes:


Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Bar:


Hypochlorous Acid Lipase Assay:


Good vs bad:


The use of tea tree oil in treating blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction:


Omega 3:,,


DREAM Study:


AREDs 2 Updated:


Makuna honey:




Large data set correlates cholestrol levels with AMD:


Fake Tears

Sources & Links:

Artificial Tear Breakdown: 

The Best Eye Drops: 

Master the Maze of Artificial Tears:

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Petrolatum Info:

Natural eye drops:

Battle of the Brands: Hoya and Essilor

 Dr. Sandra Hammond of Essilor and Dr. Thomas Gosling of Hoya join Jimmy and Roya at Academy 2018 to talk about new products and all things spectacle.

Merry Giftmas

Social Hour with Dr. Alan Glazier

Listen in as Dr. Alan Glazier, founder of ODs On Facebook, joins Jimmy and Roya at AAO 2018 to talk about online culture, private equity, favorite music and more.

Off to Pharma School

Roya and Jimmy discuss big pharma with their guests Brittany from Sun Pharma and Marcy from Allergan