Starting Is The Hardest Part

Join us today on Try Not 2 Blink as Roya and Sheila discuss effectively communicating with and de-escalating situations with angry patients. Roya shares her experience of trying to diffuse a situation with an upset patient in her office.

Do you encounter frustrated patients dealing with the effects of dilation? Learn about the new dilation reversal drop, RYZUMVI, which has a quick onset of action in just 30 minutes. Don’t miss the chance to discover more about this FDA-approved drop that can reverse dilation.

In addition, Dr. Ariel Cerenzie returns to the show to share insights on starting a concierge niche scleral lens practice. She provides valuable tips for future private practice owners, from utilizing virtual assistants to membership plans and collecting fees without taking insurance.

Tune in to Try Not 2 Blink for an engaging and informative discussion that will enlighten and inspire. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of optometry.

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Ryzumvi Launch via Glance


Dr. Ariel Cerenzie: Charlotte Contact Lens Institute

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