FAQ: How To Start a Dry Eye Center

We all know the 20/20/20 Rule but this week on Try Not 2 Blink Roya and Sheila share why they believe it may not be as beneficial as commonly thought. They discuss the unclear data surrounding the rule and provide insights into a different perspective on eye care.

In addition, tune in to learn about a revolutionary eye rinse called Rinsada, developed by a surgeon for optimal eye health. Discover the advantages of using Rinsada and why it has gained popularity in the market.

For those looking to establish a Dry Eye Clinic in their practice, Roya and Sheila provide valuable information on the FAQs and necessary equipment needed to start a successful clinic. Don’t miss out on this informative episode of Try Not 2 Blink.

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20/20/20 Debunk




Dry Eye Diagnostic System


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