You Must Be KIDing Me

In today’s episode of Try Not 2 Blink, we focus on the specialized field of pediatrics. We will discuss valuable tips and tricks for effectively working with children in a clinic setting, as well as the upcoming launch of the innovative eye drop MYDCOMBI designed to streamline the dilation process.

In addition, Sheila will provide insight into the differences in pediatric care between the United States and Canada. Then, our guest, esteemed pediatrician Dr. Carrah Bouma, will explore topics such as pediatricians’ daily management strategies, the collaborative role of optometrists in pediatric healthcare, and the importance of screening for child abuse and how to handle it if suspected.

Join us as we conclude the episode with a life tip on managing a pediatric practice’s demands.

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Be sure to return for next week’s episode, Dr. Ashley Craven joins Roya and Sheila to discuss Neurolens and creative marketing strategies. 

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Dr. Carrah Bouma: Calgary Doctor

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