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In this week’s episode of TN2B, hosts Roya and Sheila will highlight a recently approved medication for post-operative pain and inflammation following ocular surgery. Listen as they share how this is the first new steroid in over 15 years on the ophthalmic market and why it is more convenient than other options.

Roya will share some intriguing facts and her new recommendations for cataract surgery and share a SLPOD on why patients don’t know what they want. 

Sheila will challenge Roya to give her elevator pitch bio, leading to a discussion on improving public speaking skills based on insight Sheila gained from a recent public speaking focus group. This interactive session will include critiques and suggestions for enhancing each other’s introductions on the podium.

They wrap up the episode in conversation about the benefits of integrating Virtual Assistance solutions into your practice and hint at an upcoming episode dedicated to Virtual Assistance. 

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New Steroid for Post Op Pain and Inflammation

Cataract Surgery associated with lower risk of dementia

Hello Rache

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