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Do you have debt fatigue? Does looking at your student loan balance cause you anxiety? Then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode on Try Not 2 Blink. Hosts Roya and Sheila have financial coach Lauryn Williams, a CFP and student loan advisor, join them.

Listen as she talks about the dreaded world of managing finances. In this episode, Lauryn will share her expertise and practical tips on how to effectively handle your money, including insights on what to do with student loans and how to avoid the most expensive mistakes that many of us make.

From paydown strategies to investment advice, Lauryn will provide valuable guidance to help you navigate the complex realm of personal finance.

Tune in and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take control of your financial future!

Next week, we have a very special episode in store for you. We received a nomination from Dr Nora Conway to feature Dr Freda Sattel, who is 102 years old. Join Roya, Sheila, and Dr Conway as they welcome Dr Sattel to share her inspiring journey as one of the first women to graduate from optometry school in 1943.

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