The New Grad Guide to Paving Your Own Way

On this episode of Try Not 2 Blink, Roya and Sheila explore the latest advancements as they discuss a new FDA-approved medication for Presbyopia. Then, they have the pleasure of welcoming rising star and new grad Dr Collin Gray.

Listen as Dr. Gray shares his inspiring journey of paving his way as a new graduate in optometry. He will share the challenges he faced and the strategies he employed to establish a successful career in optometry.

Furthermore, Dr. Gray will shed light on the often-overlooked aspect of in-office equipment repair. He will provide valuable pearls of wisdom for new grads joining an established practice.

The episode continues as Dr Gray shares why he became a posEYEdon contact lens fitting center, how he implemented this normal eye scleral lens into his practice, and the marketing program that drives patients to him.

Please tune in next week as Roya provides us with an update as she celebrates her first anniversary at Ojos Del Mar in Costa Rica.

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