Feeling and Fire

In this episode Jimmy and Roya talk to Cory Zwahlen, Class of 2024 at Southern College of Optometry and the winner of the Valley Contax Optometry Meeting Travel Grant about what made him choose Optometry, how he is prepping for the board with Optoprep and how he’s choosing his externship. 👁

👉 Jimmy and Roya are also launching a brand new TN2B segment about Boards review questions, Try Not To Stress. They teamed up with Optoprep, a premier Boards review service to compile questions so you can study smarter, not harder.


2020 Glance

Cory Zwahlen: LinkedIn

Cory Zwahlen YouTube Testimonial

Valley Contax 2022 OM Student Travel Grant Award

Dr Jackson SCO

Dr Ensor Pharmacology SCO

Dose of OptoPrep

Optometry Meeting

Winner of the Optometry’s Meeting Travel Grant

Winning Poem

A world of darkness.

A world so blurry.

A grandparent who longs to see the face

of a grandchild.

An individual with headaches.

A child who hates school.

A letter left unread.

An undiagnosed disease.

A world now bright and colorful.

A world that is crisp.

A grandchild’s clear smile.

An individual whose head no longer


A child who now loves to read.

A person’s day enriched by a note from a


A disease caught in time to treat.

A life more rich and beautiful.

Optometrists enable people to live life

the the fullest. That is who I want to be.