Season 1

See cKlear Method

Following yet another great recommendation from the amazing CharliRae, Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Barry Leonard about his career, the use of HOA, seeing clearly with keratoconus and more…


Dr. Barry Leonard: Clinic

Seeing Clearly With Keratoconus

Valley Contax Consultant: CharliRae

Eaglet Scleral Profilometer

GSLS Conference

ICS Conference

ZenLens Scleral Lens

OVITZ Higher Order Aberration

One Step Refine Coopervision

Contamac Infinite

Tangible Hydrapeg

It’s Hard Work Being Beautiful

In this episode Jimmy and Roya talk about makeup and eye health, the use of Lumenis IPL, the relation between Accutane and dry eye, the use of Vitamin C eye cream and more…


We Love Eyes Extension Cleanser

Lumenis IPL

Accutane + Dry Eye

Vitamin C Eye Cream Research

Vitamin C Eye Cream Option 1

Vitamin C Eye Cream Option 2

Vitamin C Eye Cream Option 3


“Cold-Start”: Round 2

In this episode Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Kristen O’Brien about how she cold started her second private practice, why she moved out of Colorado, why it is important to be involved with the AOA and more…



Dr. O’Brien: Denver Eye Care

Dr. O’Brien: Linkedin

iCare Advisors

OVVO Optics

Michael Bullar: Frame Expert

Vision Source

SOLN Optometry

Dr. Kristin O’Brien: Email


In this episode Jimmy and Roya celebrate their latest milestone, 200 podcasts together. They also talk to future optometrist Raymond Chartier the winner of the $1,500 Valley Contax Travel Grant.


2020 Glance

Corneal Sweep Test

Defocus Media + Try Not 2 Blink Episode

Medical Millennial + Try Not 2 Blink Episode


Podcast Facts

Podcast Insights

Podcast Facts 2

Podcast Facts 3

Lens Quote

Valley Contax Winner


Tints for All Days

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Christie Jackson from Truckee Family Eyecare about her career path, how she started a practice in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area and all the great tinted prescription options available for life on the slope.


Christie Jackson: Truckee Family Eyecare

Christie Jackson: LinkedIn

Sierra Lab

Bad Ass Optical

Zeiss Optical

FL41 Post-Concussion

Bolle Universal Insert

Glacier Glass: Vuarnet 


Garrett Leight

Costa del Mar



Christie Jackson: [email protected]

Dang It’s Dry Eye

This week Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Vin T. Dang about his optometry career, dry eye, ocular allergies and more…


Presbyopia Physician

Vin Dang: Empire Eye & Laser Center

Vin Dang: LinkedIn

Why Did I Chose Dry Eye?

Insights into Ocular Allergy

Vanguard Ophthalmology Group


Dr Vin Does Pickleball

OneSight: Instagram


Intrepid CE Conference

To Do or Not to Do: Profilometry

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Aaron Wolf, a therapeutic optometrist and optometric glaucoma specialist based in Austin, Texas. He has a deep knowledge and experience in profilometry and scleral lenses such as the Custom Stable Elite and Ovitz lens.


UV index

Optometry’s Meeting

Dr. Wolf: Austin Optometry Group

Dr. Wolf: Linkedin

Custom Stable

OVITZ Aberrometer

Eyeprint Prosthetic Lens

Medmont Meridia

Vision by design



Yes, and…

This week Jimmy and Roya are having a very relevant conversation with Dr. Viola Kanevsky, #2 optometrist in the nation on the list of America’s Best Eye Doctors in 2021.  She is an optometrist specializing in custom contact lenses, who has practiced on the Upper West Side in New York for over 25 years but originally came from the former Soviet Union.


Viola Kanevsky: Acuity NYC

American’s Best Eye Doctor 2021: Newsweek

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Ship of Tolerance

Ojos Del Mar

This week Jimmy and Roya talk about Roya’s new adventure in Costa Rica and what it takes to make a big lifestyle change like that, the challenges and the positives…


Maximo Nivel

Ojos del Mar Instagram


Across the Pond Pet Travel Specialist

Aeromexico Flying with Pets