The NFL Dropout

It’s a New Year! Tune in as Jimmy and Roya reminisce about their 2022 resolutions and hear their goals for 2023. They continue the episode with private practice owner, engaging speaker, and glaucoma specialist Dr. Michael Cymbor. Listen as he shares his knowledge and tidbits on nerve fiber defects (NFL).


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Dr Mike Cymbor

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Progressing Glaucoma

OMD resident vs. OMD vs. GLC specialist

OHTS Study

Optomap California

Haag Streit Octopus



Eagle Pharmacy

Step Through Door To Another Universe

We have a very special episode today as we continue our series on being grateful for scleral lenses this month. Jimmy and Roya speak with patient Marko Coady on his inspiring scleral lens journey on how scleral lenses have impacted his life.


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Specialty Eye Care

Dr Courtney Melchione

Valley Contax Vision Project

Manipulate a Piece of Plastic

Join Jimmy and Roya as they speak with guest Dr. Amanda Dieu, Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine at Casey Eye Institute. Listen as she shares why she chose to attend Optometry School, why she applied for the fellowship at Casey Eye Institute, and what made her fall in love with Oregon. Hear what advice she has for current students and about her dog following on Instagram.


Dr Amanda Dieu OSHU

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Medical Contact Lens Fellowship

Masterclass in Scleral Lens Logistics

December is scleral lens month on TN2B. Join Jimmy and Roya as they share tips on getting started with scleral lenses with the initial lens selection, patient insertion, ordering the lens from the manufacturer, and the patient’s first dispensing appointment. Stay tuned all month for more great episodes on scleral lenses.

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Master Your Money

Roya begins this week sharing more of her journey in Costa Rica as she opens the doors to her practice Ojos Del Mar. Then fellow podcaster and owner of Optometry Wealth Advisor, LLC, Evon Mendrin, joins them to talk about how he helps optometrists make better decisions by understanding their financial health, starting with student loans.


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The Optometry Money Podcast

Student Loan Planner

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Student Loan Tax Experts

TLDR Things are getting spicy

On this special Halloween episode, Jimmy and Roya share a little history about Halloween and their favorite family traditions. Listen as they discuss a study on the possible connection between glaucoma and Alzheimer’s. Along with guidelines for continuing education credits and more. They also continue with the TN2B segment about Boards review questions, Try Not To Stress.

Alzeheimer’s + NTG


Cognivue White Paper



Open Payments Data

AOA TLDR for OIG Opinion

OIG Full Opinion


Glaucoma’s a Marathon

Join Jimmy and Roya as they discuss MIGS with returning guest Dr. Justin Schweitzer. Learn how to educate your patients on their options and the studies that back up the data. Dr. Schweitzer shares his new spirit animal and invites you to his upcoming presentation at Academy in San Diego. Roya continues with the Try Not To Stress Series by putting Dr. Schweitzer on the spot. 

Be Extraordinary, Not Ordinary

Roya and Jimmy talk with Licensed Optician and Image Consultant Wendy Buchanan. Learn how she takes control over the sales process to make buying glasses an experience for patients and how she built her mobile eyewear boutique along with the programs she has developed to teach her success to others.


CLASS Symposium

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Perceptions Eyewear

Be Spectacular

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Dr. Eye Health Heats It Up

This week on Try Not 2 Blink, Jimmy and Roya are honored to have Dr. Joseph Allen join them to discuss the benefits of warm compresses and the opportunity to win a TearRestore kit for your office. Dr. Allen talks about his YouTube channel, Doctor Eye Health, and his mission to educate patients with his videos.



Ojos Del Mar

Don’t Go The Extra Step

Jimmy and Roya continue to speak with the cornea and contact lens residents. This week they talk with Dr. Stephanie Schumacher, the outgoing Michigan College of Optometry resident. Dr. Schumacher shares her story of what motivated her to pursue optometry, the most significant advice she obtained during her residency to eliminate chair time, and what led her to her current position.


Dry eye + Water Intake



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