Pain Without Stain

Jimmy and Roya discuss the topic of pain in the eye as well as how to diagnose and treat.


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You N.O. Me

Jimmy and Roya meet with Dr. Justin Schweitzer to discuss nitric oxide in relation to glaucoma.


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LUNAR Study 

Millennial Inspired Marketing

To wrap up the year of 2019, you’ll hear from Jimmy and Roya meet with fellow guests at Eye Innovate to discuss marketing and millennials.


Dr. Eye Health https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSs2CvlyOKLYY4SbfehnKNQ

Dr. Jen and Juice https://www.instagram.com/drjenandjuice/?hl=en

Carrot Eyewear https://carroteyewear.com/

Marketing Outside the Box

In another incredible episode from Eye Innovate, Jimmy and Roya meet with guests from Shopify and Embrosa to discuss more about marketing!



Embrosa: https://www.embrosa.com/

Shopify: https://www.shopify.com/sell

Google This.

Jimmy and Roya met with Google employee Armando Munoz at Eye Innovate!


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