Ask and Look, then Look and Ask

Jimmy and Roya talk with Dr. Selina McGee about the use of Botox and Upneek to help patients, the approval by the FDA of Tyrvaya, a nasal spray for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease and more…


Agile Campus at New England College of Optometry


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Dr David Cockrell



Virtual Academy: Coming Soon

Secrets to Success

Jimmy and Roya talk to Dr. Mika Moy about her career, being a Diplomate of Academy, Opto-camp, tips and tricks to become more succesful and more…


Academy 2021 Boston

Mika Moy UCB School of Optometry

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American Academy of Optometry Foundation

Diplomate of Academy


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Trending News: Eye Edition

Jimmy and Roya talk about the latest eye related news, such as the COVID-19 related retinal micro-vasculopathy, the association between E-Cigarette use and visual impairment, and more…


Academy 2021 Boston

Quidel COVID Rapid Testing

OR Doctor License Revoked

COVID-19 related retinal micro-vasculopathy

Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Visual Impairment

Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning and Capillary Density Loss in Glaucomatous Eyes with Disc Hemorrhage

Red and White Canes

Jimmy and Roya talk to the inspiring Avery Berschauer about her career, her life as a blind person, the challenges of being blind, things that make her life easier or not and more…



Oasys for Presbyopia

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Basically Blind

AB Inclusion

Cone Rod Dystrophy

Department of Social Services for the Blind

Cane Colors

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ODs Can (Re)Finance Too

Jimmy and Roya talk to Lee Raykovicz, optometrist and mortgage loan officer about everything you need to know about refinancing and more…


American Academy of Optometry

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Deep Dive in the Eye

Jimmy and Roya take a deep dive into the latest eye treatments such as pufferfish toxin used to treat amblyopia, the use of Aldeyra Therapeutics to treat Retinitis Pigmentosa, scleral lenses and more…


World Tourism Day

Pufferfish Toxin Treats Amblyopia

Amblyopia + Deprivation Study

Treatment for RP

SLK Comprehensive Review

SLK + Ocular GVHD

Valley Contax

Fenestration is the new “black”

Jimmy and Roya talk with the super talented Dr. Sheila Morrison about her career, her experience with fenestrated scleral lenses, their benefits, fitting techniques and more…


Washington State COVID Vaccine Requirements


Lumenis IPL vs OptiLight

Dr Sheila Morrison: Mission Eye Care

Scleral Lens Education Society

Don Ezekial Fenestration

A Hole New Way to Design Lenses


Back to the Origins


Test Me

Jimmy and Roya talk with the one and only Patti Barkey, COE of Bowden Eye & Associates about her career path, Dry Eye, LipiFlow and the use of QuickVue SARS Antigen Test.


American Academy of Optometry Meeting

Dry Eye University

Patti Barkey – Bowden Eye

Quidel Dry Eye Disease

LipiFlow on the Brink

LipiFlow: What to do next

QuickVue Sars Antigen Test