Try Not To Blink

Market You

Jimmy and Roya bring on two guests to discuss one of the most important steps in starting a business, marketing!

Walter Westy:
Abbey Eye Care:
Marketing 4 ECPs:
Eye Innovate:
Click, by Kevin Wilhelm:

G is for Glaucoma

Jimmy and Roya meet up with guest Dr. Justin Schweitzer to discuss all things relating to glaucoma.


Landmark GLC Studies:
Corneal Hysteresis as a Risk Factor for Predicting Development of Glaucoma:
Residual and Dynamic Range of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Glaucoma: Comparison of Three OCT Platforms:
Diagnostic classification of macular ganglion cell and retinal nerve fiber layer analysis:
A New SITA Perimetric Threshold Testing Algorithm: Construction and a Multicenter Clinical Study:
LiGHT Study:
Eagle Study:
MGD + Glaucoma:
THC/CBD + Eye Pressure:

Business Partners & Still Married

Jimmy and Roya bring along two guests living the married life as well as working together in their own private practice.


Sleep Timing:

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